Monday, April 4

Old Vs New - which market you would prefer?

04th April 2016, New Delhi

Lately I have been shopping either in posh malls or online only. In doing so i had totally ignored traditional Indian markets. The reasons are many - right from comfort to crowd to accessibility. But last Saturday i had to visit the Lajpat Nagar market (In Delhi) for some personal reason.  

It was afternoon and the market was flooded with people which i generally hate. But at the same time i was wondering what i had been missing for ages - the vibrant colors, the talks between the shopper and the shopkeepers, the negotiations and the street side vendors and their constant effort to sell things to you. The streets looked so colorful and every corner had some story to tell. For a photographer its a blessing to have such opportunity to capture such vibrancy and energy. But all along i had been missing that too staying in Delhi for so long.

But, now i know what i need to do next time i'm around such place.


Monday, February 8

City full of energy - Delhi!

08th Feb 2016, New Delhi

This is one of my favorite recent pictures. I was in a nearby park doing my regular run when i saw this bunch of people working out / playing at this newly installation at one corner of the park. The newly installation includes basic gym stuff to work on legs, triceps, biceps etc etc... and people were so enthusiastic about it that even at night the area was full of people for last so many days.

On this very day i was surprised to see that one of the person has put his cars headlight on, pointing towards this area, so that people can play around for a longer time. It was a sight - to see the energy and dedication of these people.

...and these are the things which always surprises me about this city - Delhi.


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