Tuesday, December 30

Its Winter in Delhi!

See the thick fog in the pic... u cannot see the building hardly 25 mtrs away that too at around 9.45 am. So early morning it gets worse... otherwise the weather is lovely...

Friday, December 26

The Winner!!

Don't go by the picture. Its fake!! Medal, trophy and certificate borrowed from others... he he
Our Team stood 2nd...from bottom. expected, right!

The delicious part...

Christmas Cake with a touch of motion gaming...

Gearing UP!!

Waiting for the game to begin - motion gaming competition in office.

Saturday, December 6

My Desk..

My Desk ....obviously in office... :-) :-)

drive away...

just loved the parked car...vintage...

dream is over...or has it just began..

the beginning of the day or end of the day... try guessing... some lovely moments..

Let me take u far away...

lovely ... mighty Brahmaputra at the backdrop...

crossing boundaries

who has time to wait for the government to make a bridge...? simplest and cheapest bridge ...but do dare to walk over it....will u?

Thursday, December 4


image taken by my father of Guwahati city... look at the hills at the back drop...its eye catching..

Speed is life...

Borrowed pic from Anders: First night F1 race held in Sep'08 in Singapore Marina Bay. Its a street race...

Saturday, September 20

Fire Drill

Never imagine so many people work in the same building...its just a fraction of it..

Seafood paradise..

delicious seafood has always been a weakness... this is the joint at Dempsey Area @ Singapore.

F1 Fever...

Week ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix 2008...first night race ever. The city street has a bit of flovour of it..

Sunday, September 7

Sunday, August 17

the morning cup of tea

The vast tea gardens in Assam.... this is where most of the tea is supplied across the world

The eternal Beauty

One of the sevem wonders of world standing there since ages symbolizing the power of love... this is what people say... for me its wow!!

Thursday, August 14

61st Independence day

Celebrating the power of present and future....

pre-independence day shower

a perfect day with heavy rains .... but there is a worst part of it... all roads chocked with waters and never ending traffic jams. :-(

Taste of India

beer and the delicious ???? guess what... hmm i don't remember

full moon

search for the moon? the moon appears so bright and big that it seems its one of the many lights in the skyline....

on my way home ...

Tuesday, April 15

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