Saturday, May 30

Make way to the King

No words are required to discribe the power. These are the pictures i've collated from the video which has been taken at Dikala - Jim Corbett. Long Live King...

Labyrinth deep inside the Jungle

Day 2 we went for a early morning jeep safari. The guide with us made our day. He took us deep inside the jungle out of the normal tourist track. And to our suprise at one point we were totally lost inside the Jungle. We were totally surrounded by tall trees and no way to go except to take a 180 degree turn.
At times we had to get down of the jeep and clear the road all by ourself. It was truely a great experience.

Grassland - the hunting place

Few of the pictures of Grassland of Diakala - Jim Corbett. These are vast and are the hunting place for Tigers. Grassland have everything a Tiger need to servive - Delicious food (Deer, Wild Buffalow etc); Water (River Stream); shelter (trees; shades). You can spot wild elephants taking bath; Monkeys n no of other wild animals over here. But for all best way is to stay in Diakala (Mid of the National Park) for at least 2 days.
While roaming around every turn has a suprise. Your heart will stop pumping at every turn and every movement in the grassland in anticipation of siting the Tiger. Its fun...

Miss beautiful of Jim Corbett

Oh my!! These beauty was amaging. She was posing to us as if she in taking part in some Beauty pageant. She was not at all afraid of the people... When we were approaching her she would just turn around give a pose and a smile and then walk away... the sequence went on for almost 15-20 minutes.. this picture is proof of the same.

Hunting the Tigress

April'09: On the way to Diakala - The main fortress of Tigers in Jim Corbett National Park. The lanes were quite narrow and we were lucky to get there... The whole journey was full of anticipation of siting a Tiger or any other wild animals... the WILD ECSTASY

The Last Memories

Hostel no 05. Our last fortress in MANIT.... It was a complete suprise. The name has been changed to "Vishveshwarya Hostel"; You cannot take your bikes inside the wings, you have TATA Sky in mess, you have server in each wing....and lot more. But the sad part was that hardly anyone was roaming around or sitting in group for a bakar session... even our cricket ground was empty in the afternoon...

Ride through the old lanes

The place where we have spent 4 years of our life.... riding through the campus of MANIT the same way we used to do 7 years back was quite nostalgic. But things has changed a lot ..some good some bad some exciting and some really boring... It was hard to spot students in college, mata mandir, MANIT chowk ...Our own college was looking more like a dilapidated place :-(

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