Friday, July 31


The wind was blowing like hell...and just the thought came across to take
the shadow of the wind... but left with mine only.
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Saturday, July 18

Friday, July 17

Learning the art with satio...

So much to do with this piece of device. Do i really need a PC? Keep wondering....

Thursday, July 16

The magic of satio II

This device is amaging. It gives such great pictures that one would wonder if its a phone or a digital camera...

The magic of satio!

Just took a random picture while walking..its a dead plant but satio has made it look so magnificent.. Watch out for the focus.

7 colors at its best

After raining for hours you can see a everything songni to life.. And ofcourse the sky with its 7 color

Hope of relief

The clouds r getting darker n darker. Hope to get a relief from this Delhi heat... By the time i'm uploading this pic.. It has already started raining
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