Monday, December 27

Delhi's Foggy Winter

The winter in Delhi is getting worse since Christmas eve.. The fog is back and the minimum temp has dropped down to 5 degree.

But again its a different experience... hot tea with snacks, a walk in the fog, the chilled wind... its all a great experience.

Sunday, December 26

The Harley day out

the big boys are out for a routine trip around the city... what a opportunity to see all of them at one go//

P.S: Sometime going to office on a holiday may give u surprises 

Merry Christmas..

To the left:
The decoration in our office building @Time Tower.
The huge Xmas tree and the balloons all around the corridor till 10th floor was looking amazing

At CP spent the Xmas evening with David, Afsar and Afsar's wife.
Afsar was in Delhi for a vacation.. and we were meeting after almost 3 years. Last time we met was in Dhaka.

Saturday, October 30

CWG Delhi

My ticket to CWG .... Had a great experience...
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Thursday, February 25


24th Feb 2010; We were waiting for our cab at Taj Palace Delhi after attending Sony's event. Suddenly we realized that some heavy weight is on his way to the Hotel (4 escorts got down from a SUV). One of the escort told us that its SRK who would be getting down...
So waited. And in a while came the Marc carrying SRK.... wow..
The girl behind be totally hugged SRK and was going mad ... We just said hello to him and he went inside the Hotel...

Its was a pleasant suprise for us... he he
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Wednesday, February 17

Grace on road....

While i was on my way to catch my office cab i noticed Mr Grace (Elephant) with its own pace... The board i noticed on the road quite well explain what all other people need to do while plying on the road....SLOW down.. Mr Grace owns the road..

Tuesday, February 16

Fixing at ease

The roadside vendors in Gurgoan are getting advanced day by day. I was just suprised to see all machines at work to fix a flat tyre. And it was done in hardly 10 minutes flat.... They charged 400 INR for the fix...

Wednesday, February 10

Time tower....

New office location called the Time Tower...on M G Road.. At the backdrop you can see the pole used to track the time during the day with respect to the Sun's position. The shodow cast by the Sun falls on the segment which are evenly (must be some calculatiƶn) distributed in clock shape..

Friday, February 5


Sometime you fall in love - with a person, a moment, a pet, etc. I clicked these two pictures just out of love. I wanted to capture their beauty in my cam and thats the sole reason why these pics are there in my blog...

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Something remains constant

16th Jan 2010: The same day i touched 2 cities - Delhi & Kolkotta. Its just a though which came across to me... One city which remind me of change while the other reminds me of good old days charm.

Kolkotta: The fiat taxi till remains (Though its still there in delhi but within this year it would be wiped off) with the same old colors which goes back to decades.... Its sometime really good to see and remember old days but life and the world is changing. Peopel want chnage... but when Kolkotta can see change.... Hope persists!
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Changing Delhi

The renovated domestic terminal for Delhi Airport looks fantastic - Its spacious, modern and gives a totally new look to ever changing Delhi and India.... Hope the upcoming T3 terminal (International cum domestic) would be even more amaging...

16th Jan 10: Was on my way to Kolkotta where i was suppose to catch a connecting flight to Jorhat for very special occasion. Its 5.30 in the morning and Delhi's winter fog was there to give me nightmares. Earlier flight almost got cancelled due to bare minimum visibility but sudenly at around 7 there was some hope... and that hope transformed into joy when my flight finally took off at 8.30.
Lucily my flight at kolkotta was also delayed by an hour :-)
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Thursday, January 28

Metro on run

28th Jan: Someone just shouted to look outside the office glasses... and we realized test run for Metro has begun on the Delhi-Gurgoan route.... Hope persist to see the route up and running very soon.. A lifeline for the people of Gurgoan and for those who comes to Gurgoan for work....
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Saturday, January 23


just helpless! i've quite a number of pictures to share but my android phone is somehow not allowing me to upload images.
wait for a while till i come up with a solution :-)

Wednesday, January 6

Sailing through

Its truely depict how life goes on... sailing along the waves (good times) and sailing against the waves (Difficult times).. Its an old saying but as always remains valid for ages...

The mighty and the beautiful

The mightly Brahmaputra river.... With the sun moving down the horizon in the west, i waited at the bank of the river to capture this beautiful moment on my phone...

Hope..A new year and a decade

Its been long... back to my blog after almost a gap of 2 months... i did click a lot of pics but mainly i was busy travelling back home (ALmost 3 times)... Now back to normal but still awating one more trip.... Anyway its a beginning of a new year and a decade with full of hope ....
The above pics was taken while i was back at home ..Bananas still waiting to ripe.... with the new year you can see the color of hope changing to a more brighter color..

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