Monday, December 27

Delhi's Foggy Winter

The winter in Delhi is getting worse since Christmas eve.. The fog is back and the minimum temp has dropped down to 5 degree.

But again its a different experience... hot tea with snacks, a walk in the fog, the chilled wind... its all a great experience.

Sunday, December 26

The Harley day out

the big boys are out for a routine trip around the city... what a opportunity to see all of them at one go//

P.S: Sometime going to office on a holiday may give u surprises 

Merry Christmas..

To the left:
The decoration in our office building @Time Tower.
The huge Xmas tree and the balloons all around the corridor till 10th floor was looking amazing

At CP spent the Xmas evening with David, Afsar and Afsar's wife.
Afsar was in Delhi for a vacation.. and we were meeting after almost 3 years. Last time we met was in Dhaka.
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