Saturday, December 24

In the greens

With trees all around,hardly any sign of huge human settlements and a sudden breeze in between on a sunny afternoon did make us realize that we were far away from the city life. That was the best lunch i had - it was so peaceful...

Sunday, December 18

The Pataudi Palace

I've seen numerous palaces but Pataudi Palace do stand out. Though its not a grandeur one but it has the elegance to stand out among the clutter.
If you are travelling in Delhi's winter then go prepared especially for nights.

Friday, December 2

The virtual world - its all facebook

Indeed the world has shrunken into the virtual world.... In some respect its good but most of the time today's world is losing the charm of those golden era - pre-90s..
Just wondering how it would be after another decade??

Saturday, September 10

The monthly grocery shopping....

People may wonder where i've gone missing....but i know where i've been busy all these days. During weekdays i'm so tied up in office that i hardly get time to think about anything else. After a long time got time on a saturday to relax (thats what i was planning) but weekend planning has already been i have to follow... The big monthly grocery shopping...i hope this would last for a month... Fingure crossed.

Saturday, August 13

Its beautiful all again...

After the heat of summer, Delhi's weather is changing for the best. With heavy rain the temperature has gone down drastically and its really pleasant to be in Delhi now. At last some good things about Delhi's weather. :-)

With blue sky filled with clouds, greenery all around and a pleasant breeze its worth being outdoors now a days ..
enjoying every bit of it..

Sunday, July 3

The Telecom Boom

India is chnaging especially the telecom sector. With a subscriber base of more than 700 million and a growth of 10 million subscriber per month, lowest tariff rates, more than 100 handsets brands - this is the place to be in.
Life has changed..we don't have to search for a plumber, or an electrician, or  even a road side vendor. Everyone is just a call away... even the thele wala selling fruits and vegetables.

Saturday, July 2

Fill with colors

Fill with Colors

Just passing by the portion of the store, the colorful display of the pencils drew my attention...the hardwork behind the beautiful display can be seen upfront with sharp proportionate length across the unit.

For kids i'm sure these colorful pencils will entice a lot...
And it would be a compulsive buy..

...Sitting near the kid section @Landmark, Ambience Mall, Vasant kunj

Wednesday, June 22

Morning Tea with a Festive Flavor

Now Tea packs are also branded with festive flavors??

It really surprised me in the morning when i had my my tea in the morning (in Office). A tea named Assam Bihu. Does it really create a differentiation in the market? or does it give a festive flavor?

Not sure but just pondering what would be the next branding?? 

Sunday, June 19

Lamp shade..

Sitting at the front desk waiting for my check-in i noticed this lamp shade with flowers.. the light against the backdrop of the flower provide a different perspective to the whole frame..i loved the whole composition..

Tuesday, June 14

The season of Mangos...

Though i don't like most of the summer days but there are few things to rejoice in this season. One of them being the taste of juicy Mangos..
In India Mango is considered to be the National fruit with more than 100 different varieties found across the country. People across the ages relish its taste is every form :-)

Monday, June 6

Strange Crash

Last week, on my way to office I saw this strange crash....
How come the truck reached so high?
Even if it's the lever malfunction then it was a real coincidence - just at the edge of the metro station... I just kept wondering how?

Friday, June 3


The tuborg caps caught my attention at our agency office while discussing on an important activity...
I generally indulge myself in creating/putting together such things out of give me a high..
Anyway I loved the way the guy has put them on his desk..

Tuesday, May 31

Beautiful suprise

Waking up in the morning and heading straight to the window for the first sunlight is always a pleasure... This time it was more than that for me..
Not knowing I removed the curtain of my hotel room and a beautiful suprise was waiting for me..
The huge strech of Arabian sea in front of me...I sat there for almost 30 min and stared at the strech contineously...
Indeed it was beautiful
@Taj Land Ends, 15th floor, Bandra, Mumbai

Saturday, May 21

Wish time opt for a rest ...

What a lovely weather is Delhi...and that too during the weekend...  Summer seems to be on a vacation. Wow... Enjoying every moment of it.
Sad part is that its already sunday... :-(
I wish monday never comes..Let me enjoy the weather few more days ....

Saturday, May 14


Though i'm not a food connoisseur but Big Chill at DLF Place serve good food...
Must visit place for all but be aware of the waiting time for a table.

Wednesday, May 11

Morning chaos

The morning chaos take a toll on our lives... Going for work especially in a city like Delhi has always been tough. The heat, dust and the traffic irritate us and makes our life horrid
But at least there are people who starts off early to be a part of the reason to make people smile...
How does it matter if he is a flower vendor only?

Monday, May 9

Vignette Demo

Just downloaded this demo version camera apps - Vignette from the Android Market...
Loved it... But sad part is that full version is a paid app

BRT corridor on a hot Summer Sunday

Was suprised to see the totally empty road..
People refrains from getting out of the comfort of their home and that too on a sunday - a hot sunday effect

Sunday, May 1

Barista SDA

Its been ages .. At last got a chance to be here what if its cause of official work (that too on a Sunday)
To my suprise even after coming here after a long break I stole the mayorship for my favroite Barista outlet...check out Foursquare

Sunday, April 24

Ladies section @ Shoppers Stop

Oh you must be thinking why ladies section only?
Its simple ..its the place where i spent most of the time now a days while shopping (plz note its ladies section not Shoppers Stop)...
A visit to this section without any purpose is the most sort after activity during weekend..
@outside changing room (waiting......), Shoppers Stop, Vasant Kunj

Saturday, April 23

Contrast at Food Baazar

Never thought that vegetables stand can give such a vivid appearance... Look at the contrast of the vegetables and of course the colors - right from red to green to yellow ......
@Food Bazaar. Big Bazzar , Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj

Thursday, April 21


Its glass, concrete all around. The city is changing so fast... And its hardly been 5-6 years...
Here the reflection of concrete over glass is a perfect example...

Monday, April 11


Lying on the hospital bed especially when you cant move an inch is so painful and irritating...
Its been more than 24 hrs that im lying in bed and cant move a bit...though its improving every passing hour..

Sunday, April 10

The cause

Todays digital world has given so much power to the mass that a nation wide agitation can be sucessfully concluded within 3 days.
Its not only Anna Hazare who won but also the power of SNS like twitter n Facebook...

Sunday, March 20

Time to hold on...

With piles of books all around one hardly feels like leaving this place...
You just wish to hold on the time untill.....
@Landmark outlet at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Sunday, March 13

The vows

Its really amazed me to see the different customs within the same boundries...

Moon moon ?

The moon in the daylight sometime surprises me... Though i've seen it a number of times but its the first time i could capture it for the first time..
Plz note its not the moon but a reflection of a light from te showroom..

Saturday, March 12

The patterns

@DLF promenade food court:  loved the patterns ....and the blue sky at the backdrop...

Three way to opt for..

Going for shopping is always about choices...which direction to opt for or may be which outlet, brand or even color...


The beautiful color contrast adds to the taste...
Unfortunately lot of flavours were missing from the outlet. We had to opt for blueberry at the end... But I loved it.

Thursday, March 10

Waiting on the tracks

Waiting for the train at MG Road metro station and sitting at the same place on daily basis has become a habit... :-( 
Need a change in my routine...

The VIP line up...

The queue of the cars are  nuisance when a VIP visit ur office building.... Dont understand why they visit during office time and waste our time...

Monday, March 7


Just sit there ans watch people out there. You can see all kind of expressions over on peoples faces.. Right from joy to sadness to anxiety ... And lot of them are totally lost in their thought too...

Sunday, March 6

The Pride..

With opening up of numerous malls across Delhi the charm of few places remains constant... South extention market being one.. In fact its getting better day by day...

Saturday, March 5

Neck to neck competition

Nehru place is full of shop selling computer peripheral...right from a brand shop to a normal all-brand shop... Its suprising to see all of them surviving ....
Ive witnessing the chaos over here for last 8 years...

The weekend stuff....

After almost a month long of hectic period, this weeken ill b alone ... Loads of stuff to finish but the stuff in this pics would be my best friends for the weekend... My laptop, harddrive (which has all my clicked pictures) and some magazines which i bought today...
Its almost 1.30 at night... And im still not sleepy... And my friends are enticing me for a night out...

Wednesday, January 26

jam packed

With the second highest population in the world what can you expect? Go anywhere in the country and there would be hardly any patch where you could not trace a sign of human existence... people are all around...

When i first went to Rajiv Chowk Metro station i was totally surprised.. the station is so full of people... when all the trains coming from around the city passes by it then crowd is natural people on the run all the time ...within minutes the platform/train gets empty and then filled too..

After my first experience i promised myself that i won't be going there anymore but... i still go...its fun.

Thursday, January 13

The Sun is back :-)

This time winter was too bad with min and max temp reaching the lowest in decades... but now that the Sun is back (after almost 3 week) in Delhi there is a lot of respite from the cold wave...
Hoping to see more of sunshine in the coming days... figure crossed

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Tuesday, January 11

Traditional Rickshaw

It has been long that I took a ride on a rickshaw (tricycle one) but last weekend while in west Delhi I got the opportunity…
Living in southern part of the city I can hardly site a rickshaw on Delhi's road but if you travel to eastern, western or northern part of the city they are widely available. Even better option would be to go to old Delhi (Though I had not been there for long).

Though there are other means of transport available in the city like the auto rickshaw, metro etc but this traditional way of transport is the most effective for shorter distance.

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Sunday, January 9

The furniture market

This market in Delhi (Kirti Nagar) is famous for furnitures (Largest in Asia). The whole block has varied choices for every customers - from a cheap to high end products. Get there and spend a good amount of time to select your choice of furniture.. you can have an instant delivery too (by night) but if you are looking for customized furniture then you need to let them know your preference and pay some advance... you can get your stuff in 10-15 days...

Photography is not allowed by the dealers inside the shop unless you book the stuff.. (So i don't have any pictures of the interiors of the shops).

How to get there? By metro you need to take the blue line (Dwarka-Noida line) else get your own vehicle :-P

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