Wednesday, January 26

jam packed

With the second highest population in the world what can you expect? Go anywhere in the country and there would be hardly any patch where you could not trace a sign of human existence... people are all around...

When i first went to Rajiv Chowk Metro station i was totally surprised.. the station is so full of people... when all the trains coming from around the city passes by it then crowd is natural people on the run all the time ...within minutes the platform/train gets empty and then filled too..

After my first experience i promised myself that i won't be going there anymore but... i still go...its fun.

Thursday, January 13

The Sun is back :-)

This time winter was too bad with min and max temp reaching the lowest in decades... but now that the Sun is back (after almost 3 week) in Delhi there is a lot of respite from the cold wave...
Hoping to see more of sunshine in the coming days... figure crossed

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Tuesday, January 11

Traditional Rickshaw

It has been long that I took a ride on a rickshaw (tricycle one) but last weekend while in west Delhi I got the opportunity…
Living in southern part of the city I can hardly site a rickshaw on Delhi's road but if you travel to eastern, western or northern part of the city they are widely available. Even better option would be to go to old Delhi (Though I had not been there for long).

Though there are other means of transport available in the city like the auto rickshaw, metro etc but this traditional way of transport is the most effective for shorter distance.

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Sunday, January 9

The furniture market

This market in Delhi (Kirti Nagar) is famous for furnitures (Largest in Asia). The whole block has varied choices for every customers - from a cheap to high end products. Get there and spend a good amount of time to select your choice of furniture.. you can have an instant delivery too (by night) but if you are looking for customized furniture then you need to let them know your preference and pay some advance... you can get your stuff in 10-15 days...

Photography is not allowed by the dealers inside the shop unless you book the stuff.. (So i don't have any pictures of the interiors of the shops).

How to get there? By metro you need to take the blue line (Dwarka-Noida line) else get your own vehicle :-P

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Saturday, January 8

The mini world...

With a huge population and more than half of that still struggling to meet their daily needs.. people and companies around the country has lot of innovative way to make money...

these small shops can be seen around the streets (In millions) and the kind of business they would be doing daily would be humongous. Its a sustainable system for many in India

Saturday, January 1

Wishing u a happy new Year 2011

While the city is decorated all around for the new year, people enjoying their holidays - partying, shopping all around, there are still few who are working all through out the day to make it special for the rest..

What a life?

Wishing you a very very happy new year!!
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