Tuesday, May 31

Beautiful suprise

Waking up in the morning and heading straight to the window for the first sunlight is always a pleasure... This time it was more than that for me..
Not knowing I removed the curtain of my hotel room and a beautiful suprise was waiting for me..
The huge strech of Arabian sea in front of me...I sat there for almost 30 min and stared at the strech contineously...
Indeed it was beautiful
@Taj Land Ends, 15th floor, Bandra, Mumbai

Saturday, May 21

Wish time opt for a rest ...

What a lovely weather is Delhi...and that too during the weekend...  Summer seems to be on a vacation. Wow... Enjoying every moment of it.
Sad part is that its already sunday... :-(
I wish monday never comes..Let me enjoy the weather few more days ....

Saturday, May 14


Though i'm not a food connoisseur but Big Chill at DLF Place serve good food...
Must visit place for all but be aware of the waiting time for a table.

Wednesday, May 11

Morning chaos

The morning chaos take a toll on our lives... Going for work especially in a city like Delhi has always been tough. The heat, dust and the traffic irritate us and makes our life horrid
But at least there are people who starts off early to be a part of the reason to make people smile...
How does it matter if he is a flower vendor only?

Monday, May 9

Vignette Demo

Just downloaded this demo version camera apps - Vignette from the Android Market...
Loved it... But sad part is that full version is a paid app

BRT corridor on a hot Summer Sunday

Was suprised to see the totally empty road..
People refrains from getting out of the comfort of their home and that too on a sunday - a hot sunday effect

Sunday, May 1

Barista SDA

Its been ages .. At last got a chance to be here what if its cause of official work (that too on a Sunday)
To my suprise even after coming here after a long break I stole the mayorship for my favroite Barista outlet...check out Foursquare

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