Wednesday, June 22

Morning Tea with a Festive Flavor

Now Tea packs are also branded with festive flavors??

It really surprised me in the morning when i had my my tea in the morning (in Office). A tea named Assam Bihu. Does it really create a differentiation in the market? or does it give a festive flavor?

Not sure but just pondering what would be the next branding?? 

Sunday, June 19

Lamp shade..

Sitting at the front desk waiting for my check-in i noticed this lamp shade with flowers.. the light against the backdrop of the flower provide a different perspective to the whole frame..i loved the whole composition..

Tuesday, June 14

The season of Mangos...

Though i don't like most of the summer days but there are few things to rejoice in this season. One of them being the taste of juicy Mangos..
In India Mango is considered to be the National fruit with more than 100 different varieties found across the country. People across the ages relish its taste is every form :-)

Monday, June 6

Strange Crash

Last week, on my way to office I saw this strange crash....
How come the truck reached so high?
Even if it's the lever malfunction then it was a real coincidence - just at the edge of the metro station... I just kept wondering how?

Friday, June 3


The tuborg caps caught my attention at our agency office while discussing on an important activity...
I generally indulge myself in creating/putting together such things out of give me a high..
Anyway I loved the way the guy has put them on his desk..

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