Sunday, July 3

The Telecom Boom

India is chnaging especially the telecom sector. With a subscriber base of more than 700 million and a growth of 10 million subscriber per month, lowest tariff rates, more than 100 handsets brands - this is the place to be in.
Life has changed..we don't have to search for a plumber, or an electrician, or  even a road side vendor. Everyone is just a call away... even the thele wala selling fruits and vegetables.

Saturday, July 2

Fill with colors

Fill with Colors

Just passing by the portion of the store, the colorful display of the pencils drew my attention...the hardwork behind the beautiful display can be seen upfront with sharp proportionate length across the unit.

For kids i'm sure these colorful pencils will entice a lot...
And it would be a compulsive buy..

...Sitting near the kid section @Landmark, Ambience Mall, Vasant kunj

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