Friday, December 28

Stand Alone!!

Winters has its own charm....its completely a different world in northern and eastern part of the country.

This picture was taken at +Guwahati with visibility dropping down to hardly 20-30 meters early in the morning.

Saturday, December 15

Monochrome Vs Color

I'm confused... couldn't decide which one to upload - the monochrome one (Edited version) or the color one (Original One).
Which one would you prefer? 

Wednesday, December 12


Today is special, being the last day with same numbers (12.12.12) date of the century... anyway i woke up early in the morning and witnessed this beautiful sunrise ...
Yesterday being gloomy and wet day with temp getting further down , it was really a surprise to see the sun in its morning glory. 

Monday, December 10


Depiction of Ganesha - a part of a rangoli made up of flowers.

Clicked a day before Diwali.

Wednesday, December 5

serene winters

with winters in ....a normal weekday looks so deserted .
But somehow i like this serene surrounding which otherwise is a rare sight in Delhi.

Tuesday, November 20


These puppies were so excited to see the camera (focused on them) that they started jumping on me one after the other... i tried by best to capture the moments but with a slow camera (My mobile phones') i could hardly catch the action...

At last just managed to capture them while they were lying down totally exhausted.

Sunday, November 18


One of the few things (among many others) which i like in winter - having oranges that too siting outside on a sunny afternoon...

Thursday, November 15


With festivity all around Diyas play an important part in every moment of the festivals.....And here i tried to captured its ornamental value....

Happy Bhai Dooj to all....

Wednesday, November 14


Life is tough!!

For us Diwali is the time to relax, celebrate and be with loved ones, but there are many for whom its once in a year opportunity to work hard and earn more than their daily wages....

A lot many times the question had popped up in front of me - if we should work on the day of Diwali or not? But we have an option for saying no... but for many the option itself is not there...

Thursday, October 25

Wednesday, October 24

what makes us click

The current campaign from canon - "what makes us click?" do compel us to think.
And for me its beauty which made me click this picture.

Saturday, October 13

time flies

Its been exactly 2 years when we had witnessed CWG in Delhi...while going past the stadium today it reminded me of the old days....

really time flies..

Thursday, October 11


saw this butterfly fighting with a ant (have a very close look)......just wondering how we are struggle in this vast world of corporate life...

Thursday, September 13


The other day while i was waiting for a colleague of mine, i noticed these pigeons taking turns for a sip...

I wonder what if these were humans instead... it would have been a total chaos.

Sunday, September 9


Though i went to see the poster but somehow i liked the frame so much that i instantly clicked a number of pictures.
The aged person realized in sometime that i'm framing him also and got cautious..but by that time i got the frame i wanted....

Saturday, September 8

Celebration !!

A reason to celebrate and that too on a weekend.... what else one can ask?

It was my better half's birthday...I had planned for a surprise but the delivery people washed out my plans by coming 30 mins ahead....Just don't want to comment on it ...

Anyway signing off for today with a big smile :-)

Wednesday, September 5

Blue Sky

For last one month i'm only clicking sky and rain... Its such a wonderful weather in Delhi... One should be here to experience it...

Today's sky was best in class...I've never seen such a blue sky with pure white clouds in Delhi... and through out the day i clicked numerous of them... Just wanted to share one (I know its becoming monotonous with pictures of sky and rain, but can't help it...)

Sunday, September 2

1 0 0

A cool breeze, a walk down the lane and a cup of coffee in the evening.....just loving it.

The summer is gone and with heavy rains its the ideal weather to roam around Delhi.

Thursday, August 30


The different Shades of Sky
With so much of rain this August and the never ending traffic there were few things still worth remembering - the cold breeze, a beautiful sunset and the different shares of the sky...

Monday, August 20

A WALK !!!

This Sunday we took a trip to the history of the city ...going from one historical place to the other...
With rain and sun both playing hide and seek, it was too humid for us to bear. Though we covered considerable places in short time but end of the day it was too tiring...

This pic was taken at Humayun's tomb while relaxing after a long walk around the tomb.

Wednesday, August 15


The whole country is celebrating its 66th independence day and once can see the celebration flavour  everywhere.
These spoons were part of the celebration ..a bit off-color but still one can resemble to the tri-color.

Happy Independence day to all Indians!!

Friday, August 10


We look at the mirror everyday and see a part of our self...which we like to the core. 

Just wondering what the mirror look at us..and what the world look at us

Thursday, August 9

Drops through the Window..

So close and yet so far..... Its been long waiting for rain but when it arrived, i hardly had time to enjoy it..
All i could do was watching it on the other side of the glass..


Hope most you have enjoyed it!!

Sunday, August 5

Happy Friendship day!!

Happy Friendship day - 5th August 2012
Today being special... sharing a special pics taken few days back - highlighting the bond of friendship... :-)

wishing all a wonderful friendship day !!

Thursday, August 2

S M I L E Y S !

smileys a part of your virtual life...either its on mail, or chat or sms.... every other message do have these smileys .

But seeing this image it just took me to those old days when there was no internet, phone etc.
And this is how it used to be a part of our childhood...


Wednesday, July 25


a little experiment... reminds me of some of our old snaps from the 80's.

@HauzKhas Village, New Delhi

Friday, July 20


walking down the street i just noticed this flower and took out by cell phone to click.... and what i got was some amazing results with great bokeh and contrast.
I never expected such results from a cell phone. 

Thursday, July 19

post processing

with more and more apps coming up and post processing features builtin to the phone software every day, it is becoming so convenient to click and edit on a mobile phone... i tried few of them and here are the results...

from changing highlights to shadows to crop to straighten the photo more and more options are available.

Wednesday, July 18

Tuesday, July 17

between the legs

tried clicking few shots while waiting in a shop.... what i got was me sandwiched between the legs :-p

Monday, July 9


From being eastern part of the country 'Kawar' was a new thing to me.
All these years i was just wondering who are these people, why every year i see them travelling on their foot.. I asked a lot of people but never got a better answer.

Today again i sighted them for the first time while going to office. I clicked and when came back home searched for more details.
To my surprise i got most of the details in a blog run by an American. Isn't it great ?

Sunday, July 8

the road from the past...

Once these roads must have been for the privileged one but now not even the tourist give any attention...time changes and with time the everything ....

Thursday, June 28


Seeing someone waiting at the hotel lobby may not be an exciting enough to click...
But a click from a height give you the perspective of the loneliness of the person against the grandness of the lobby... The colorful plates at the top adds to the beauty of the frame.

Tuesday, June 19

a cup of coffee

A little chit chat, a relaxed mind and a cup of coffee ... that's what we long for on a weekend ..

watching a coffee shop from a distance with people all around give a perfect picture of this aspect of life. 

Sunday, June 10

The Amazing Camera...

clicked from my phone .... Amazing clarity and contrast..Totally impressed.

And also check the Depth-of-field. :-)

Clicked from my Sony Xperia S

Sunday, June 3

RX-100 the old age Hero

Its a rare sight now... once upon a time every youth was after own it, to ride it and what not?

The Yamaha RX100......

Wednesday, May 30

new age offer

The New Age Offer: 5 Kg weight loss free....
Now not sure how many people will be tempted ?

Sunday, May 27


Instagram is fun... simple UI and options to play with your creativity.

This pic was taken on one of my metro ride.... 

Sunday, May 20


the new rickshaw which can be seen around and in Select City Walk...they have a special name - rik.
These ricks are used to commute people from Metro station (Malviya Nagar) to Select city walk and back... cool stuff, right?

These vehicles run on battery and are pollution free... go green Delhi!!

Friday, April 13

Mini India

The mini India at Kingdom of Dreams...from south to North to east...
Taken from Sony Xperia S

Sunday, April 1


Sometime i stare at the tall building and wonder that in a normal life we hardly realize the grandness of it.. these building always go unnoticed no matter how tall they are...

Sunday, March 11


following the shadow or the stairs...

@MG Road Metro station on my way to office

Saturday, March 3

The Natural Wall-Painting

3rd March 2011, New Delhi

Every time i stands in front of the stairs it surprises me... It looks as if a wall-painting has been hung over there - a natural wall-painting which keep changing with time.

This time of the year, its the most beautiful one.

Saturday, February 25

Delhi Heights

25th Feb 2011, New Delhi

Nice way to sprinkle pepper....earlier we thought its just for showcase but actually they were using such a huge structure for sprinkling...

Tuesday, February 21

color composition....

a dinning table top...loved the way the colors has been used...
a random shot my me when i don't feel like talking... :-)

Monday, February 20

Sunday, February 12


Kingdom of Dreams @ Gurgoan.

Must go there once and the show - Zangoora was terrific...
Totally a new experience..
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