Wednesday, July 25


a little experiment... reminds me of some of our old snaps from the 80's.

@HauzKhas Village, New Delhi

Friday, July 20


walking down the street i just noticed this flower and took out by cell phone to click.... and what i got was some amazing results with great bokeh and contrast.
I never expected such results from a cell phone. 

Thursday, July 19

post processing

with more and more apps coming up and post processing features builtin to the phone software every day, it is becoming so convenient to click and edit on a mobile phone... i tried few of them and here are the results...

from changing highlights to shadows to crop to straighten the photo more and more options are available.

Wednesday, July 18

Tuesday, July 17

between the legs

tried clicking few shots while waiting in a shop.... what i got was me sandwiched between the legs :-p

Monday, July 9


From being eastern part of the country 'Kawar' was a new thing to me.
All these years i was just wondering who are these people, why every year i see them travelling on their foot.. I asked a lot of people but never got a better answer.

Today again i sighted them for the first time while going to office. I clicked and when came back home searched for more details.
To my surprise i got most of the details in a blog run by an American. Isn't it great ?

Sunday, July 8

the road from the past...

Once these roads must have been for the privileged one but now not even the tourist give any attention...time changes and with time the everything ....

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