Thursday, August 30


The different Shades of Sky
With so much of rain this August and the never ending traffic there were few things still worth remembering - the cold breeze, a beautiful sunset and the different shares of the sky...

Monday, August 20

A WALK !!!

This Sunday we took a trip to the history of the city ...going from one historical place to the other...
With rain and sun both playing hide and seek, it was too humid for us to bear. Though we covered considerable places in short time but end of the day it was too tiring...

This pic was taken at Humayun's tomb while relaxing after a long walk around the tomb.

Wednesday, August 15


The whole country is celebrating its 66th independence day and once can see the celebration flavour  everywhere.
These spoons were part of the celebration ..a bit off-color but still one can resemble to the tri-color.

Happy Independence day to all Indians!!

Friday, August 10


We look at the mirror everyday and see a part of our self...which we like to the core. 

Just wondering what the mirror look at us..and what the world look at us

Thursday, August 9

Drops through the Window..

So close and yet so far..... Its been long waiting for rain but when it arrived, i hardly had time to enjoy it..
All i could do was watching it on the other side of the glass..


Hope most you have enjoyed it!!

Sunday, August 5

Happy Friendship day!!

Happy Friendship day - 5th August 2012
Today being special... sharing a special pics taken few days back - highlighting the bond of friendship... :-)

wishing all a wonderful friendship day !!

Thursday, August 2

S M I L E Y S !

smileys a part of your virtual life...either its on mail, or chat or sms.... every other message do have these smileys .

But seeing this image it just took me to those old days when there was no internet, phone etc.
And this is how it used to be a part of our childhood...

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