Thursday, September 13


The other day while i was waiting for a colleague of mine, i noticed these pigeons taking turns for a sip...

I wonder what if these were humans instead... it would have been a total chaos.

Sunday, September 9


Though i went to see the poster but somehow i liked the frame so much that i instantly clicked a number of pictures.
The aged person realized in sometime that i'm framing him also and got cautious..but by that time i got the frame i wanted....

Saturday, September 8

Celebration !!

A reason to celebrate and that too on a weekend.... what else one can ask?

It was my better half's birthday...I had planned for a surprise but the delivery people washed out my plans by coming 30 mins ahead....Just don't want to comment on it ...

Anyway signing off for today with a big smile :-)

Wednesday, September 5

Blue Sky

For last one month i'm only clicking sky and rain... Its such a wonderful weather in Delhi... One should be here to experience it...

Today's sky was best in class...I've never seen such a blue sky with pure white clouds in Delhi... and through out the day i clicked numerous of them... Just wanted to share one (I know its becoming monotonous with pictures of sky and rain, but can't help it...)

Sunday, September 2

1 0 0

A cool breeze, a walk down the lane and a cup of coffee in the evening.....just loving it.

The summer is gone and with heavy rains its the ideal weather to roam around Delhi.

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