Friday, December 28

Stand Alone!!

Winters has its own charm....its completely a different world in northern and eastern part of the country.

This picture was taken at +Guwahati with visibility dropping down to hardly 20-30 meters early in the morning.

Saturday, December 15

Monochrome Vs Color

I'm confused... couldn't decide which one to upload - the monochrome one (Edited version) or the color one (Original One).
Which one would you prefer? 

Wednesday, December 12


Today is special, being the last day with same numbers (12.12.12) date of the century... anyway i woke up early in the morning and witnessed this beautiful sunrise ...
Yesterday being gloomy and wet day with temp getting further down , it was really a surprise to see the sun in its morning glory. 

Monday, December 10


Depiction of Ganesha - a part of a rangoli made up of flowers.

Clicked a day before Diwali.

Wednesday, December 5

serene winters

with winters in ....a normal weekday looks so deserted .
But somehow i like this serene surrounding which otherwise is a rare sight in Delhi.

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