Wednesday, December 4


This winter my morning tea timing is being quite perfect... with the Sun rays falling right in front of me, i get quite an opportunity to play with the magical rays...

Here is one of those clicks from my morning experiments... 

Sunday, November 17


Somehow i like this picture a lot... It sums up a lot about the Pushkar Fair with people all around enjoying every bit of the culture of Rajasthan.

I've been to this place for the first time and never saw such a confluence of so many photography enthusiastic, all at one place... it was full of them and i being one of them.


Wednesday, November 13


What gives people strength? Its a question which does not have any definite answer.. 
Among many one being the unconditional faith - faith in something which you can't see or feel but believe its there.

I saw this couple praying at Pushkar and the emotions on their face compelled me to take our my phone in a camera restricted area.



Tuesday, November 5

Morning Chaos

This was the scene the day after Diwali, near my place... Though the mess from the previous night amusement was a little annoying but somehow i loved the whole frame a lot - with the Sun rays falling right on the red color fire cracker's residuals, and a bit of human touch at a distance was the perfect reason for me to grab it....


Monday, November 4


Crowd waiting for the evening Aarti to be start at Har-ki-Pauri at Haridwar...

Its really interesting to see people from different places coming together for the rituals.. more important is to watch their patience to wait for longs hours to just to experience the routine rituals..

I'm working on a series of photographs (clicked from mobile as well DSLR) showing people waiting - simple pictures yet showing complex emotions. Emotions can be varied from joy to anger to anxiousness to what not? This click is one of them to feature in the series...


Wednesday, October 30


A common sight along the banks of river Ganges...truly a colorful one.
But the true magic of these flower pots come alive at night when people put them with candles in the Ganges... Lights that too numerous one flowing along the current makes it a magical moment.


Saturday, October 26


I reached quite late at Fatehpur Sikri but it never dampened my spirit as i got some beautiful night shots at the fort. The grandness of the structure can be seen even at dust... and i wonder how it would like in bright daylight. 

Next trip objective would be to reach early in the morning and that too in winters...

@Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, India

Wednesday, October 23

morning mood..

Sunlight passing through the roof and window panes, a nearly empty platform and a long wait for the train, has set the mood for me. By the time I took out my smartphone, I realized that it was so unlike an Indian rail station. It was quiet, and calm....Truly, so much away from the daily chaos. 

@ Nehru Place Metro Station, New Delhi

Friday, October 18

Search for meaning...

"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedams - to choose one's attitude in any given circumstances, to choose one's own way"

- by Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

@ Priya Complex, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 

Saturday, September 21


People say that education is necessary to change the society but is it so? Now a days what so called educated people are feeding to the society is not even worth reading or contemplating. It's corrupting people's mind and the way they think....As such with growing literacy, instead of a better society, we see a polluted one.

This picture was clicked at Vasant Kunj while i was waiting for my Auto rickshaw at the gas station... The way the security person was engrossed in reading the newspaper really appealed to me. I took out my phone, without pulling out the camera at eye level, and clicked the shot so that the subject do not notice it...Later just cropped the shot a bit.

Sunday, September 8

Paper Napkins

Roadside eating joints are full of surprises...right from food to the way they serve. Most of them are flocked with people as they are well know for their taste. It may not be the ideal for the health conscious people but trying it out once is a while is a culinary delight.

Couple of weeks back we went out for lunch from office to a well know roadside eatery... the food was good but totally socked in oil.... we asked for paper napkin and this is what we got.... Newspaper cut into pieces to work as paper napkins.. Is it a cost saving measure or just following some old tradition (when napkins were hardly there)? 

Saturday, August 31


There are times when you are lost in your thoughts, all alone... you hardly realize anything going around you - even presence of other human beings....

All you need at that time is to be by yourself...

Saturday, August 24

Tiny Surprise !

This Rakshabandhan my sister's bought these cute tiny pots with her. After tying up the Rakhi I spent good amount of time to click them ...and here goes one of them for all...

I'm obsessed with those tiny cute stuff...I can collect anything which is different from what you usually see around….Just that it needs to tickle my fascination 

Tuesday, August 20

the dynamic sky

Evening sky on Independence day.... I was trying to click the kites in the sky but with a smartphone its hard to capture...Nothing visible at all. But glad to capture the dynamic sky

Sunday, August 18

the disappearing clouds

I wonder about this kind of shots in winters only with fogs all around..but this year its different...The monsoon has brought along with it clouds, which seems will stay for a while..

Anyway doesn't matter if they disappear tomorrow or  stay for a while... for me i got some great shot this monsoon...

P.S: This is not a monochrome shot.

Thursday, August 15

The Grasshopper !

The other day, i saw this Grasshopper resting on a car deck...its colorful color against the dark shade of the car was creating quite a contrast. It was looking like a perfect shot... I went close to it and clicked some shots with my smartphone. To my surprise the grasshopper was hardly moving. 

And generally people say that to get good pictures we need to try from all never know whats hidden on the other side. Since the Grasshopper was static i went to the other side of the car and noticed that the view was totally different with reflection on the card body being prominent.

 ...And that's when i stopped to get this shot.

Friday, August 9


This year the rain god is too generous on us... and its been years when i last saw such continuous rain.
Delhi has been blessed.

Apart from the traffic, water-logging hassles, everything else looks so beautiful. Wish every year comes like this :-)

Sunday, July 28

Morning Drink !

This picture is from my morning breakfast. While sipping through the straw i noticed the sun rays passing through my drink...

I tried to capture the effect from my smartphone but it was not coming out well.
Later moved the phone more closer to the drink, put the lens partially over the straw to get the above picture.

Totally loved the shot !

Go Green !!

It rained early in the morning .... and by the time i left office yesterday it was sunny... everything around was looking beautiful, clean (unlike a normal dusty environment in Delhi). 

Saw this plant on my way to office which was shining with sun rays falling directly onto it...
Just stopped by to get this click....

Friday, July 26


A nice weather after rain and a bit cloudy sky on the west horizon... and you know that you will witness an amazing colorful sunset...

I was a bit late though but thankful it was better for me. Put my smratphone camera in manual mode...decrease the exposure a bit to get this wonderful image...

Just wondering how often do we get such a nice picture from a phone's camera...

Sunday, July 21


Yesterday it rained a lot in Delhi, may be after so many years....

It was a continuous pouring for so many hours...We tried going out in the rain but had to come back home mid-way....but not before clicking some good shot from my mobile (under the umbrella)...

Saturday, July 20


Not sure how many times i had crossed this place...but never though of clicking it. And its not only me but everyone ignore things which you see everyday.

But lately i've been more keen in clicking on my mobile...and as such started looking at things around me more minutely.

And here is the result of one of those observations....

Wednesday, July 10


While clicking this picture the visual in my mind was totally different.
But slow shutter speed of my mobile phone camera had turned this out to be totally different...

Still loved the composition with birds taking off and Qutub Minar at a distance.

Sunday, July 7

TOMB - that i never heard of !

07th July, 2013

Yesterday, while passing by Mahrauli, I noticed these dilapidated ruins. I decided to stop by and take some snaps. The place was surrounded by new haphazard buildings at one side (which takes away most of its charm), while on the other side you can notice the Qutub Minar at a distance. 

Since i never heard of this place before, when I came back home, I searched for details of this place I found that it is called the Adham Khan’s Tomb and its part of the rich heritage of Mahrauli.

Tuesday, June 25

The Race

The mad race on Delhi's road is scary and at the same time obvious. Its there in people's blood. So nothing can stop them, not even rules and regulations.

Saturday, June 8


08th June 2013

Wait can be long but its always worth waiting for the right moment..

As Paulo Coelho has said "Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act". So have patience to get the right thing at the right moment.

Sunday, June 2

Power Source

02nd June 2013

2 things that keep the world moving - the Sun and Electricity.

Clicked this pic on a red light junction in Delhi on my way back from Noida.

Thursday, May 23


Why do i need a compact digital camera when i can click much better picture from my smartphone...? I'm surprised with the results ...specially the shades it can capture.

I took this picture in my kitchen garden using my Xperia ion.

Tuesday, May 14


These water coolers are used extensively across Delhi/NCR (Dry Climates) during summers.. One would be surprised to see the number of makeshifts shops getting erected during a span of few days... all selling water coolers, a seasonal affair.
It seems to me the number of shops are directly proportional to the temperature during summers... and since now the temperature is reaching its peak so are the number of these shops... Why not? End of the day its saving ton of people from this scorching heat.

Monday, May 13

Wish Winters are here !

While going through my Instagram uploads i went through this click... one of my favorite :-)

With summer at its peak (Around 43 degree) this click has more importance as its remind me of the comfortable winters of Delhi. 

Saturday, May 11


Someone has rightly said - beauty is everywhere just that one need to notice it.

Just few days back i was standing under a tree waiting... and suddenly i noticed the tree under which i was standing.... With the sun rays at the backdrop, its bright red leaves were shining brilliantly ...
I just took out my mobile and captured it...
Later just increased a bit of contrast and cropped the original image to get this...

Thursday, May 9


On a Sunday you can always expect a long queue at the Harmandir Sahib (Golden temple). It took us more than 2 hrs to get in...but the wait was completely worth it.

While waiting i could see the colorful heads covered with clothes or turbans... And since my mobile was handy at the moment i though of capturing this true colorful moment.

Tuesday, April 9


I never imagined that peepholes can also give some amazing view.
I tried by best to get this picture through my mobile camera but this is the best i could get.

In actual the view was breathtaking with great contrast between the building tiles, its wall and white clouds against blue sky.

Saturday, April 6


06th April, 2013

If you are travelling towards north by road from Delhi then its a must in your to-do-list.
There are numerous Dhaba's on the way but the most famous ones are at Murthal....and all of them are famous for their paranthas

On our way to Bharatput we stopped by a Dhaba which claimed to be one of the famous Dhabas of Murthal. Whatever it was we did had some delicious paranthas..

Tuesday, April 2

Areca nut (Supari)

All might have heard of supari but ever wondered from where it comes from.

These are the raw Areca nut which is dried up after its ripen. Its the dried nut which is taken along with betel leaves across the country.

I clicked this pic is Assam where its widely available. In Assam people widely take them as raw also along with betel leaves.

Tuesday, March 26

standing tall

Sometimes we take things for granted... Qutub Minar is one of them... i see it almost everyday from my place but hardly recognize its existence. Even though i visited the Qutub complex a number of times but i hardly click its picture - may be its too common.

Anyway at last i though of putting it up on my blog.... :-)

Sunday, March 24

Clicking subjects

24th March 2013

These birds were used in one of our event as clicking subjects.... and with my phone in hand i didn't miss  the chance at all.. though i had to put in a lot of effort to get the cage out of the front of the camera...

Sunday, March 10


10th March, 2013

An evening full of music all around came to life with Sonu Nigam’s performance. It was indeed worth listening to…

Sunday, March 3

AUTO-RICKSHAW : will it change?

03rd March, 2013

Few auto-rickshaws in Delhi (especially the new ones) have started using the new Meters with GPS. The numbers can be counted on fingers (That’s my assumption as per my experience in last few months)

Whatever may be the numbers, but will it changes anything the way these auto-rickshaw drivers behave with the public or the way they charge fare or the way they refuge to travel to certain places?

It won’t…there are much larger answers to be taken care of Delhi’s road than few GPS meters which I’m pretty sure some law abiding drivers are only using.

Sunday, January 27

here i come !

With guitar at the back, sweet memories of the past, and a great company... heading back home for a great break.

I saw these two youth heading back to home from Delhi at the airport. I clicked the picture intentionally without focus to give the affects. 

Tuesday, January 8


This scooter has a long history.... it has been part of our family for more than 2 decades... it has seen us through good and bad times...and till now its in perfect shape.

But now it stands at a corner hardly anyone noticing it or needing it (Except my father who uses it once in while) !! That's life!

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