Tuesday, March 26

standing tall

Sometimes we take things for granted... Qutub Minar is one of them... i see it almost everyday from my place but hardly recognize its existence. Even though i visited the Qutub complex a number of times but i hardly click its picture - may be its too common.

Anyway at last i though of putting it up on my blog.... :-)

Sunday, March 24

Clicking subjects

24th March 2013

These birds were used in one of our event as clicking subjects.... and with my phone in hand i didn't miss  the chance at all.. though i had to put in a lot of effort to get the cage out of the front of the camera...

Sunday, March 10


10th March, 2013

An evening full of music all around came to life with Sonu Nigam’s performance. It was indeed worth listening to…

Sunday, March 3

AUTO-RICKSHAW : will it change?

03rd March, 2013

Few auto-rickshaws in Delhi (especially the new ones) have started using the new Meters with GPS. The numbers can be counted on fingers (That’s my assumption as per my experience in last few months)

Whatever may be the numbers, but will it changes anything the way these auto-rickshaw drivers behave with the public or the way they charge fare or the way they refuge to travel to certain places?

It won’t…there are much larger answers to be taken care of Delhi’s road than few GPS meters which I’m pretty sure some law abiding drivers are only using.
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