Tuesday, April 9


I never imagined that peepholes can also give some amazing view.
I tried by best to get this picture through my mobile camera but this is the best i could get.

In actual the view was breathtaking with great contrast between the building tiles, its wall and white clouds against blue sky.

Saturday, April 6


06th April, 2013

If you are travelling towards north by road from Delhi then its a must in your to-do-list.
There are numerous Dhaba's on the way but the most famous ones are at Murthal....and all of them are famous for their paranthas

On our way to Bharatput we stopped by a Dhaba which claimed to be one of the famous Dhabas of Murthal. Whatever it was we did had some delicious paranthas..

Tuesday, April 2

Areca nut (Supari)

All might have heard of supari but ever wondered from where it comes from.

These are the raw Areca nut which is dried up after its ripen. Its the dried nut which is taken along with betel leaves across the country.

I clicked this pic is Assam where its widely available. In Assam people widely take them as raw also along with betel leaves.

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