Thursday, May 23


Why do i need a compact digital camera when i can click much better picture from my smartphone...? I'm surprised with the results ...specially the shades it can capture.

I took this picture in my kitchen garden using my Xperia ion.

Tuesday, May 14


These water coolers are used extensively across Delhi/NCR (Dry Climates) during summers.. One would be surprised to see the number of makeshifts shops getting erected during a span of few days... all selling water coolers, a seasonal affair.
It seems to me the number of shops are directly proportional to the temperature during summers... and since now the temperature is reaching its peak so are the number of these shops... Why not? End of the day its saving ton of people from this scorching heat.

Monday, May 13

Wish Winters are here !

While going through my Instagram uploads i went through this click... one of my favorite :-)

With summer at its peak (Around 43 degree) this click has more importance as its remind me of the comfortable winters of Delhi. 

Saturday, May 11


Someone has rightly said - beauty is everywhere just that one need to notice it.

Just few days back i was standing under a tree waiting... and suddenly i noticed the tree under which i was standing.... With the sun rays at the backdrop, its bright red leaves were shining brilliantly ...
I just took out my mobile and captured it...
Later just increased a bit of contrast and cropped the original image to get this...

Thursday, May 9


On a Sunday you can always expect a long queue at the Harmandir Sahib (Golden temple). It took us more than 2 hrs to get in...but the wait was completely worth it.

While waiting i could see the colorful heads covered with clothes or turbans... And since my mobile was handy at the moment i though of capturing this true colorful moment.

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