Saturday, August 31


There are times when you are lost in your thoughts, all alone... you hardly realize anything going around you - even presence of other human beings....

All you need at that time is to be by yourself...

Saturday, August 24

Tiny Surprise !

This Rakshabandhan my sister's bought these cute tiny pots with her. After tying up the Rakhi I spent good amount of time to click them ...and here goes one of them for all...

I'm obsessed with those tiny cute stuff...I can collect anything which is different from what you usually see around….Just that it needs to tickle my fascination 

Tuesday, August 20

the dynamic sky

Evening sky on Independence day.... I was trying to click the kites in the sky but with a smartphone its hard to capture...Nothing visible at all. But glad to capture the dynamic sky

Sunday, August 18

the disappearing clouds

I wonder about this kind of shots in winters only with fogs all around..but this year its different...The monsoon has brought along with it clouds, which seems will stay for a while..

Anyway doesn't matter if they disappear tomorrow or  stay for a while... for me i got some great shot this monsoon...

P.S: This is not a monochrome shot.

Thursday, August 15

The Grasshopper !

The other day, i saw this Grasshopper resting on a car deck...its colorful color against the dark shade of the car was creating quite a contrast. It was looking like a perfect shot... I went close to it and clicked some shots with my smartphone. To my surprise the grasshopper was hardly moving. 

And generally people say that to get good pictures we need to try from all never know whats hidden on the other side. Since the Grasshopper was static i went to the other side of the car and noticed that the view was totally different with reflection on the card body being prominent.

 ...And that's when i stopped to get this shot.

Friday, August 9


This year the rain god is too generous on us... and its been years when i last saw such continuous rain.
Delhi has been blessed.

Apart from the traffic, water-logging hassles, everything else looks so beautiful. Wish every year comes like this :-)
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