Wednesday, January 15

through the window

watching the person looking out of the train window was not something see it every day while commuting.. but somehow the dull morning (due to fog), dark shades on person face and him being completely lost in his thoughts, were giving a deeper meaning to the whole frame.. I had to click it without him noticing me… and this is what I got at last.

Tuesday, January 14

Dream Morning

When you wake up early in the morning and get stunned by such a picturesque view of the mountains, mist, sun rays...then you know you are in God's own Country... It’s like waking up to a dream morning.

I had some beautiful shots of this place from my camera but i preferred to upload this one because it’s clicked from my phone. I'm totally amazed by the quality of the pictures, the shades, tone captured by it. So, thought of sharing it with all of you. J

Please note the picture is slightly edited by changing a bit of brightness and contrast.

Wednesday, January 8

In Conversation

I noticed them at the airport lounge, early in the morning, looking outside and having a lengthy conversation.Initially I ignored, but with the light breaking at the background and their silhouette against it was quite captivating and i couldn't resist at all

At Indira Gandhi Airport, Terminal 1D, New Delhi

Wednesday, January 1


Sometime to have a water proof phone helps you to get some good shots... 

This picture was taken at Barachukki falls near Bangalore during my recent visit. Being so close to the falls i was not been able to take any pics with my camera (with water falling constantly over us). And my phone came for the rescue and i could manage some beautiful shots of the falls as well of ours.. :-)

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