Tuesday, January 12

Cupcake for Inspiration!

12th Jan 2015, New Delhi

Isn’t it great to create something which brings a smile to our own face and to the loved one around you?
It’s extraordinary!!

The post is not to tell you how to make Cupcake but to tell you about a thought I had in mind for quite long time.

Every person has its potential. All have an inclination for creativity. Some are good at art, whereas some are at literature whereas some in craft and so on. All starts early in life and by the time you reach your teens you know your preferences/love. Then comes the big phase when you get into worldly matters, you start comparing yourself with others, want to earn more than the other person, and want to have all the comfort in the world. Yes it is much needed, but in doing so people just forget about the true self. They forget about the smaller things which used to make them happy.

It happened to me too and I know a lot of people who are still going through it. Their love for creativity is there but they can’t find enough time to pursue it.  All have the same answer – I can’t find enough time. That was so true with me too, till the time I decided to find some time for things I love to do. I started slowly – not to show to the world but for my own motivation. All I needed was the determination to find time within the busy schedule. Now I travel, click, write, run, paint…

Well this post is not to tell my story but of a friend who is very talented but with similar dilemma (If I’m right). And in last few months I’ve seen the transformation in her. I can see in her the joy of sharing self-made things rather than bought (which majority of the people flaunt). In last few months itself, she has made many such delicious cupcakes/cakes (as in the picture..isn't it tempting!!) which she might not had made in last three years together. All she needed was to find some time and she is doing it beautifully, that too after spending long hours in office. It does inspires me a lot to continue what I started. J

It is just one story. There can be many more. So don’t hold to the time… go out and create stories out of it. 


Tuesday, January 5

Winter Morning - Year 2016

05th Jan 2016, New Delhi

This year Delhi's winter has been fabulous. Till last year it was hard to see the Sun at this time of the year and this time its totally the opposite. Everyday you can witness a beautiful sunrise amidst the mist and a little bit of fog. 

While on my way to office, this is what i'm witnessing everyday... the lovely colors of the sky the warm Sun rays. I'm sure everyone is falling in love with this weather and its the beauty.

OKHLA, NEW DELHI (Clicked from Moving Train)
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